Exclusive Cover Reveal: Great Hearts V: Imperator & Flame Of The Desert by David Oliver


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David Oliver is an author who we heartily champion here at
Fantasy Book Critic. Since his debut The Great Hearts, I’ve loved his writing
which mixes dark fantasy with epic action & engaging characters that will
keep you hooked.

David has graciously granted us the honour to reveal not one
but two special covers today. First up is the cover to book V of The GreatHearts series, once again we have the incredible J. Caleb Clark who continues to
provide snazzy covers for this saga. So checkout the cover for IMPERATOR below and don’t forget to add
it on Goodreads

But wait, there's more [Scary Movie]

David also recently released a novella titled FLAME OF THE
, which is set between the events of Shadowstrike
and Apotheosis (The Great Hearts books
and IV). It is available for FREE to everyone who subscribes to David’s Newsletter
(scroll all the way down to find the subscribe link).

Checkout the fiery novella cover which is courtesy of the
author himself and don’t forget you can grab it for FREE by subscribing to his newsletter.



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Book Blurb:
Progression comes at a price.

The end of the Academy is in sight, but at what cost?
The eighth and final year of the Academy awaits; a brutal and harrowing place
designed to remove emotion and create the perfect Imperator. A place of legend
amongst the Imps and barely repressed horror amongst the Imperators. A place
where the final tempering in the forging of an Imperator is completed.
A place where monsters are made. Wolf’s Hollow.
Can Calidan do what is necessary to become the tool of vengeance he seeks to
be? Better still… should he?
Having successfully stolen from one God, can Calidan the Imperator do it again?
As a little fish in a very big pond, he might just find that the sharks a

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