Cover reveal: Glenda the Veg Witch by Keith Dickinson

 Glenda the Veg Witch by Keith Dickinson

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Today we are thrilled to help reveal the cover of the book GLUNDA THE VEG WITCH by Keith W. Dickinson. Are you a cosy fantasy fan? Don’t forget to check it out and click on those pre-order links! 
First, here is the blurb:

“A witch’s boots told the story of her life. They showed you where she’d been, where she was going, and what kind of a witch she would be when she got there. And, most importantly, they were proof that said witch was not someone to be trifled with. She was to be listened to, and obeyed, and yes sometimes even feared, because her wisdom was hard earned and her wrath swift and mighty. They would have to be, for her to have lived in such boots for so many a year. No one trusted a witch in brand new boots, and rightly so as far as Glunda was concerned.”

Glunda Ashwillow is on top of the world. About to become head witch, and the youngest ever Guardian of the Golden Key, the only thing standing in her way is her old enemy, the Drupe Mages. They have the key, and they’re not willing to give it up without a fight.

With a coven of quarrelsome witches to contend with, and a fief full of farmers on the verge of revolt, can Glunda beat the mages and get the key before she runs out of veg? Or is there a cold, hard, carrot-less winter ahead for all concerned?

A tale of heroism and hotpots, Glunda The Veg Witch is a fun fantasy adventure everyone can enjoy.

Sounds fun, right? On theme, it will be available for purchase on Halloween, 31st October.

glunda the veg witch book cover

Go grab your copy by placing a pre-order here:
Here’s some information about the author: 

An author since he was eight years old and asked for a typewriter for Christmas, Keith lives in the north of England where he spends his time writing stories about airships, murder, thieves, witches, sky pirates, tiny robots and talking cats. His first two novels, steampunk detective stories starring Dexter the mechanical cat and his meat-sack sidekick John Sinister, are available now.

Keith has been around the world, set foot on six of the seven continents, ridden a camel, trained as a yoga teacher, got a tattoo he doesn’t regret, and invented a board game that he still hopes one day to inflict upon the world.

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